Submit a Lead

Use this page to submit a lead to the campaign for the purpose of testing your validation, rules and distribution.  Begin by selecting the method for submitting the lead (Secure or Simple).

System Fields: Secure and Simple Post

If you select Secure Post, you will be required to select an affiliate and generate a click ID or enter an existing Click ID prior to continuing.  If you select Simple Post, you will only be required to select an affiliate.  Learn more about secure and simple post by viewing the Lead Submission Options Diagram.

Custom Fields

Enter the lead data you which to submit.  Some fields may be required.


Select whether you want the lead to enter channel distribution or not.  Leads that are not distributed will result in a Rejected response as if no channel accepted the lead.

Response Type

This setting controls the response you will get back after you submit the lead.  Choose to view the redirect success or failure page, XML or JSON response.

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