PromoLink enables you to create branded promotional links which redirect to anywhere on the web.  A PromoLink is used to brand your company, create promotional or memorable links primarily within mobile applications/devices, internet, television, radio and print advertisments.  The possibilities are endless.  Pair any keyword with your own domain (http://Domain/Keyword) to create a memorable promotional link that redirects consumers to your site or ad tracking software.

PromoLink takes long URLs like this:,+UT&daddr=

And turns them into this:

Integration and Support:
PromoLink is integrated with LinkTrust and comes free with your LinkTrust Network or Network Plus Leads license.  If you have a Merchant or Merchant Plus Leads license, you can use PromoLink at a discounted price.  Contact for details.  You can also enable PromoLink within your Affiliate Center  so that your affiliates can integrate their PromoLink account with your affiliate tracking links.  PromoLink is a product of Burstabit Technologies, the parent company of LinkTrust Systems, so you can rest assured that support and link uptime are top notch.  Support for PromoLink is provided through your LinkTrust team at

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