Advertiser Listing API

Must use a GET method to run the merchant listing API.  Results will display all of your merchants information from the Advertiser Center, Advertiser Details page.  

Able to pull in XML or JSON by including the following in the headers.

  • Accept:application/xml for an xml response
  • Accept:application/json for a json response

Base URL

Example XML Response

<CompanyName>Merchant & Merchant Inc.</CompanyName>
<AddressLegacy>123 test street</AddressLegacy>
<AddressLine1>123 test street</AddressLine1>
<AddressLine2># 2</AddressLine2>
<PaymentTerms>Net - 10</PaymentTerms>
<ContactName>John Doe</ContactName>
<Notes>this is a test account.</Notes>

Example JSON Response

MerchantId: 100000
CompanyName: "Merchant & Merchant Inc."
AccountNumber: "123456789"
AddressLegacy: "123 test street"
AddressLine1: "123 test street"
AddressLine2: "# 2"
City: "Roseville"
State: "AL"
Province: "252"
PostalCode: "12345"
Country: "TJ"
CompanyFax: "123-456-7896"
CreditApplicationReceived: true
PaymentTerms: "Net - 10"
ContactName: "John Doe"
ContactEmail: ""
ContactPhone: "524-584-9632"
ContactFax: "542-880-8880"
ContactAIM: "test"
ContactMSN: "test"
ContactYahoo: "test"
ContactSkype: "test"
Notes: "this is a test account."
AdditionalData1: null
AdditionalData2: null
WebsiteURL: ""
ReportingLogin: "login"
ReportingPassword: "password"
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