Lead Overview Diagram

Explanation of Diagram:

  1. Traffic from various internet sources is directed to a form
    1. Websites, social media, mobile traffic, QR codes, and email
    2. Host and Post (The lead submission form is owned by an affiliate)
  2. A consumer submits their information
  3. The information is submitted to LinkTrust as a Lead
  4. The lead is validated for accuracy and business rule compliance
  5. LinkTrust attempts to sell the lead to buyers (referred to as Channels within LinkTrust)
    1. Leads can be sold one or many times (Exclusive/Semi-exclusive)
    2. LinkTrust can be configured to sell to the highest bidder (Ping/Post)
    3. Assuming the state field value of the lead is 'Utah'
      1. LinkTrust rejected Channel 1 because the lead did not meet the rules of the Channel
      2. The lead meets the rules for Channel 2, and LinkTrust sent the lead to the buyer. However, the buyer rejected the lead in real-time due to any number of reasons. LinkTrust recognized the rejection from the buyer's response and therefore set the attempt to 'Rejected by Response"
      3. Channel 3 accepted the lead
        1. The commission and revenue associated with this channel will be calculated and reported
  6. Lead Reports give a view of lead data as they come in the system
  7. Channel Attempt Reports give a view of channel attempts going out of the system


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