Migrating to LinkTrust from Another Tracking Platform

Migrating from another platform doesn't have to take months just to start tracking. Below are the steps you can take to quickly and easily transfer all of your offers into LinkTrust to get you up and running as soon as possible.

1. Copy Affiliates and Campaigns: 

Export all of your affiliate and campaign data from your old tracking platform. Send the affiliate file to support@linktrust.com along with your LinkTrust partner ID and we will import them into your LinkTrust account for you. Each affiliate will be assigned a LinkTrust ID, however, your old tracking platform’s affiliate ID's can also be imported and associated to each affiliate if you desire.

Import your campaign file into LinkTrust by logging in to your account, clicking on “Campaigns” and selecting the “Import” tab.  This feature will allow you to map your campaign settings from your old system to LinkTrust prior to importing all of your campaign settings information.

2. Copy Creatives:

 Export all ad creatives from your old tracking platform. If you have a technical department within your organization, you can use LinkTrust API's to import the ad creatives. If not, creatives can be manually added in LinkTrust within each campaign. “Simple Banners” can be imported from a tab delimited file. LinkTrust support may also have resources to assist in this process.

3. Assign Affiliates to Their Campaigns: 

Assign your affiliates to the appropriate campaigns with any applicable commission payouts set and the pixel saved.

4. Place Your Campaign Pixels with Advertisers:

 Place a LinkTrust pixel for each campaign onto the conversion page of your advertisers. This is the time to decide if you are going to use image, JavaScript or serverside pixels (this depends largely on the advertiser).

Note: Do not have your advertisers remove the pixel from your old tracking platform yet!  Wait until after your old tracking platform is not being used.

5. Place a LinkTrust Tracking Link:

If you imported your old Affiliate IDs with each affiliate, you can place the appropriate LinkTrust Campaign tracking link as the landing page within your old system. In this way, traffic running through your old system will be redirected through your new LinkTrust campaigns and on to your advertiser's site. LinkTrust will also begin tracking clicks and sales at the same time as your old system.

Note: when placing the LinkTrust click link into each campaign within your old system as the landing page URL, ensure that the old system’s affiliate ID is automatically appended to the LinkTrust link as &AltID=[old_system_affiliate_ID].

6. Transfer Old Stats: 

If you wish to transfer historical stats, LinkTrust allows you to make adjustments that reflect historical ad impressions, clicks, conversions and commissions. You will not actually import any conversion or click data into LinkTrust, just top level stat totals by affiliate/campaign for each month. We suggest that you import your old system’s campaign monthly totals and apply them to the last day of each month for your new Campaign. Be sure your affiliates know that stats have been summed and applied to the last day of each month.

Note: If you wish to start your LinkTrust stats blank, be sure you still export all of your stats from your old system and store them just in case you need them later.

7. Inform Your Affiliates:

When ready, announce to your affiliates from your LinkTrust account that they can access their new account and get updated links. You may want to give affiliates a timeframe for how long the links from your old system will continue to work so that they can plan accordingly.

A couple of other things to consider are customizing your Affiliate Center with your own logo or style (As well as your Advertiser Center if you have this add-on)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can my affiliates/publishers continue to use the same links from my old tracking system?  
A: Yes, but only while your old account is active. Once you close your old account, only LinkTrust links will work. This is why you should notify your affiliates to get updated links from their new affiliate account.

Q: Can I switch over all at once and not spread it out over time?
A: Yes, however, the probability of encountering a problem and having little time to make adjustments increases.  Also, getting affiliates to change out their old links takes time.

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