Creative Tokens

Creative tokens are used as place holders for dynamic information.  By placing a token in your creative code, LinkTrust will replace it with the appropriate data value when an affiliate gets the creative in the Affiliate Center.

The following table lists the creative tokens:

Name Token
Tracking URL [=TrackingURL=]
Impression Pixel [=ImpressionPixel=]
Impression URL [=ImpressionURL=]
Campaign ID [=CID=]
Affiliate ID [=AFID=]
Creative ID [=ADID=]
Random Domain [=RandomDomain=]
UnsubCentral/Optizmo Unsubscribe link [=Unsubscribe=]
Date/Time [=DateTimeStamp=]

When the Date/Time token is placed in a creative, it is replaced with a date time token in the following format:  YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS. For example, December 08, 2010 at 11:15 p.m. and 14 seconds would be: 2010_12_08_23_15_14. This is in partner local time (the time zone your account is set to instead of UTC).

The following is an example of a typical LinkTrust support call:

User: I have a text creative and I want my affiliate's tracking link placed in the text.  How do I do this?

LinkTrust Support: Place the tracking URL token, [=TrackingURL=], in the location you want your affiliate's link to appear.  

For example, if your offer says this

"Get yours today. For a limited time, get 40% off.  

Click here to start saving:  [=TrackingURL=]

This offer will end soon."

Enter the tracking URL token as the link your customer should click on and LinkTrust will replace it with the affiliate's tracking link.

User: So, every place I put [=TrackingURL=], LinkTrust swaps out the token and replaces it with my affiliate’s tracking link?

LinkTrust:  Exactly!

User: Thanks guys!  You're the best!

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