How do I troubleshoot pixel tracking issues?

1. Confirm that the Pixel URL is Secure - the easiest solution

  1. If the confirmation page is secure, check to make sure that the pixel URL is also secure (https://).  Otherwise, the tracking will be intermittent or not happen at all.

    1. If the tracking domain is secure, check to make sure the SSL certificate is current and installed properly.  Go here to see:

2. Confirm that the Pixel is Placed - the most common problem

  1. View the source code of confirmation page to make sure your pixel code is placed in someplace between the <body> tags of the HTML.

    1. If you don’t see your pixel code, there is the possibility that it is placed dynamically by the Advertiser.  You will need to confirm this with the Advertiser.  If this is the case, then LinkTrust tracking is at the mercy of your Advertiser's inhouse shopping cart of custom code working properly to pass our pixel to the page.  This means we can only be as accurate as their system lets us.  If at all possible, have them place the pixel directly in their page HTML.  If they can only pass the code dynamically, then test by following step 3.

    2. If you see the pixel on the page but it still isn’t tracking:

      1. Compare the code with the appropriate pixel code in LinkTrust for your campaign.  Replace the code on their page if you see a discrepancy.

      2. If the pixel code look matches what LinkTrust displays for the campaign, try having the advertiser move the pixel further up the page, closer to the opening <body> tag.

3. Live Testing - the most effective way to find the problem

  1. Generate a test link using the Link Generator

  2. Put the Click link in your browser and run a test click and conversion while having “Fiddler” or another web debugger tool running on your computer.  

    Note: Fiddler exposes the communication between your browser, the advertiser’s site and LinkTrust. Click here to download Fiddler and learn more about it.  If your Advertiser is using a ServerSide pixel, it will not appear in Fiddler or any other web debugger tool.

  3. If you see the pixel code URL ( the “click.track”) and logs between LinkTrust and the page in Fiddler or your web debugger tool, that’s great!  Check to see if a cookie is being written and that the URL parameters such as the Domain and CID are correct.  See the screenshots below.

4. Check Your Campaign Settings - an uncommon problem, but it's easy to check

  1. Are the correct Conversion Tracking Options selected?
  2. Is the campaign expired?
  3. Is the landing page URL correct?
  4. If you are using ClickID postbacks, does the landing page url include [=ClickID=]?
  5. Are there any filters, fraud controls, or redirects in place that shouldn’t be?


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