How do I place an affiliate's pixel?

To place a pixel for an affiliate:

  1. Open the affiliate's account details
  2. Click on 'Campaigns'
  3. Open the settings for the affiliate's pixel by clicking on the pixel placed for the campaign
  4. Select the type of pixel you will place
    1. Note: Identify the type of pixel your affiliate gave you.
      1. If you see the word Javascript, select 'JavaScript'
      2. If you see 'IMG', select Image
      3. If you see 'iframe', select 'IFrame'
      4. If your affiliate just provided a URL, select 'Server-side' (Make sure you confirm with your affiliate that they sent you a server-side pixel)
      5. If you want to reference a Global pixel for the campaign, select Global pixel. A global pixel is the identical code for multiple campaigns.
  5. Copy and paste the URL of your affiliate's pixel
  6. Click the 'Update and Close' button

Note: If your affiliate gave you advanced analytically code, paste that in the large text area and swap out single quotes with double quotes. If your affiliate requires additional data returned onto their pixel, click the 'Tokens' button to view a list of tokens which can be added to the affiliate's pixel URL.

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