Step 3: Reporting & Testing

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Now it’s time to evaluate performance. By selecting reports from the top menu bar you can see performance details. LinkTrust offers several reports to help you measure and optimize the performance of your affiliates and campaigns.

Some of the more frequently used reports are listed below:

  • Campaign Performance- See the performance and stats of your campaigns, then breakout by affiliates. The report allows you to search for a specific Campaign and to also sort the results by Campaign Category, Campaign Group or by an Affiliate Group.  
  • Affiliate Performance- See the performance and stats of your affiliates, then breakout by campaigns. The report allows you to search for a specific Affiliate and to also sort the results by the Primary Affiliate Manager, Affiliate Group or by an Campaign Group.  
  • Sub ID Breakout- See sub ID stats broken out by campaign.  The report allows you to search for a specific Campaign, Affiliate or both.
  • Step Analytics- See stats of your campaigns broken out by steps. You must select a specific campaign to pull data for this report.
  • Affiliate Commissions- See commissions owed to affiliates, then breakout by campaigns.  This report can be exported to a variety of formats.
  • Creative Breakout- See ad creative stats for a specific campaign.

The reporting stats represent the following:

  • Impressions- The number of times your ads were shown.
  • Clicks- The number of times one of your tracking links was clicked on.
  • Conversions- The number of transactions that occurred.
  • Approved- The number of conversions that are approved to pay out to the affiliate.
  • Filtered Clicks- The number of clicks filtered out because of geo-targeting, duplicate clicks, expired clicks or duplicate IP address.
  • Statistics- Click-through-rate, approval percentage, effective cost per thousand and effective cost per click.
  • Financials- Revenue earned, commission owed to affiliates, profit and margin percent.

For a video on basic reporting, click here

Lead Generation stats:

  • Leads- Gross number of leads submitted into LinkTrust for the campaign/affiliate
  • Filtered- Number of leads filtered by lead rules
  • Rejected- Number of leads rejected by the buyer or by tier/channel rules
  • Returns- Number of returned leads

Note- You can click on any of the linked numbers in the reports (the green numbers) to see more detailed information about your clicks, conversions or leads.

For more information on Lead Generation Reporting, click here

Campaign Testing

Now you’re ready to set up your campaigns and affiliates in LinkTrust and begin tracking your sales and leads. It’s important to test each offer before you go live with it to make sure everything is configured correctly and tracking properly. The following links will help you test your offers with your advertisers and affiliates:

Test Affiliate

How do I set up and test a pixel with my advertiser? 

How do I place an affiliate's pixel?

How do I test my affiliate's pixel?  

How do I troubleshoot pixel tracking issues?


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