How do I test my affiliate's pixel?

Testing your affiliate's pixel ensures that LinkTrust is properly communicating with your affiliate's tracking system. This functionality exists within the partner and affiliate centers. For purposes of this example, we will show how to use this feature within the partner center. For information on Troubleshooting affiliate pixels, see How do I troubleshoot pixel tracking issues?

  1. Open an affiliate's account details.
  2. Click on 'Campaigns' to view the campaigns they are assigned.
  3. Open the settings for the affiliate's pixel by clicking on the pixel placed for the campaign.
  4. When the 'Pixel Edit' modal opens, click on the 'Test Pixel and Code' button.
  5. Enter the tracking link from the affiliate's tracking system (This must be provided by your affiliate for the campaign you are testing).
  6. Click the 'Launch URL' button. Note: LinkTrust will execute the affiliate's tracking URL in a popup window to allow the affiliate's tracking system to write a cookie. You may close the window after it loads.
  7. Click the 'Load Pixel and Code' button.
  8. That's it! LinkTrust has executed your affiliate's pixel, so they should see the test transaction in their system.
  9. If the affiliate's system did not track the transaction, ensure that they gave you the correct tracking URL or have them contact their technical support.
  10. To retest, click the 'Reset Test' button.

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