Step 4: Customize Account

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User Information

In the account section, each user should have their own user account. It’s important to put the proper information under the account information section for anyone who is outward facing to affiliates. This information can be pulled into the affiliate center, allowing affiliates to know who they are working with. It’s also important to set the appropriate permissions at the bottom.  Keep in mind that each permission that you set is unique to the user account.


Email Settings

Templates are an easy way to quickly customize content. LinkTrust has nine different email templates that will fire based on different events that occur in the system. For example, the Application Submitted email will be sent when an application has been submitted to the system. You can customize each email template using our WYSIWYG editor or by selecting the source button to use your own HTML code. You can also add tokens to the email templates. A token is a static placeholder for dynamic information. A list of tokens is available for each template. When setting up a quick account, it’s important to, at minimum, modify your Applications Submitted, Approved and Denied and your Send Creatives. Using the send creatives template allows you to send creatives quickly to affiliates with a standardized form.

For more information on email settings, click here.

Affiliate Center

Under the Affiliate Center you can customize nearly every element of the affiliate’s experience when they login, including which payment methods affiliates can choose from at signup.

With the Page Customization option at the bottom of the page, you can customize the stylesheet, terms and conditions, header, menu, dashboard and footer.  All of these options are fully functional by selecting the expand button and modifying the code from within.

For more information on Affiliate Center Customization, click here.


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